Friday, November 22, 2002

What triggered off the big bang?

"The more scientists testily insisted that the big bang was unfathomable, the more they sounded like medieval priests saying, 'Don't ask me what made God.' Researchers, prominently Alan Guth of MIT, began to assert that the big bang could be believed only if its mechanics could be explained. Indeed, Guth went on to propose such an explanation. Suffice it to say that, while Guth asserts science will eventually figure out the cause, he still invokes unknown physical laws in the prior condition. And no matter how you slice it, calling on unknown physical laws sounds awfully like appealing to the supernatural."

Gregg Easterbrook writes about "the new convergence" of theoretical physics & theology in the December Wired. He makes the interesting point that physicists seem far more receptive to the cosmological opinions of churchmen than do biologists, perhaps because theoretical physics, depending as it does on mathematical models of nearly inconceivable phenomena (dark matter, multiple universes), is itself almost a kind of faith.

Either God exists, & created the universe, or the universe created itself; the two possibilities are equally beyond comprehension.

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