Sunday, November 10, 2002

We're all Afro-Saxons, says Lloyd Best in today's Express:

"The term is merely an apt description of all West Indians — without exception.... The term is all-embracing and, as we’re perhaps only now beginning to realise, the entire society is imprisoned by it....

"It is hard not to regard Afro-Saxon culture as the solvent which makes a unity of the 'repeating island' while also making of the region one integrated whole.... The distinguishing feature of this culture is that any sense of a past is almost wholly missing."

But is Best simply using "Afro-Saxon" as a synonym for "Creole"? He doesn't define his terms closely enough; I admit I'm puzzled. Perhaps all will be explained in a future column.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting, impatiently, for Raymond Ramcharitar's response to Maxie Cuffie....

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