Saturday, November 09, 2002

"I’m not surprised that this is the moment when Raymond Ramcharitar and Maxie Cuffie have elected to cross swords in the full glare of media publicity....

"What these two sherpas have in common is that neither came close to discerning the issue ... the central point. Which is this: how can a culture ever escape from itself?...

"The precise duty of a responsible population and its responsible elites, in charge of their place, and willing to refuse protest, complaint and excuse, is to plumb their problem to its depths and to explore ultimate causes, elusive as these might be. Only the innocent student or observer of the Caribbean scene over the course of the last 50 years of self-government and independence can fail to see: we have a system problem that extends to all the local jurisdictions and transports us beyond individuals, governments, parties, leaders and ruling elites. It is in this sense that both Ramcharitar and Cuffie are pitching at a palpable level of innocence."

Lloyd Best weighs in on Ramcharitar v. Cuffie in today's Express. What I'm really looking forward to is Raymond's response to Cuffie & the others. I disagree with a healthy portion of what he writes, but I enjoy his columns & reviews more than almost anything else in T&T's daily press. I admire his forthrightness & respect his anger. He's trying harder than most of us to figure this thing out. We need people to get up & say the things he says, if only to give us something truly worthy of the effort of disagreement.

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