Sunday, November 24, 2002


So I have moved you,
So has my heart spoken,
Unseen the falling dew,
Unfound the road open.
And I have travelled far
Into vague distance,
The polished glass and the stain,
And the mind's acceptance
Of all loss and all pain,
And the moving forward.
Who is it held a star
And found the light broken?
Untouched the light in the star,
Unknown the waves shoreward.

— George Campbell, 1916–2002

Wayne Brown writes in the Jamaica Observer today about the death of George Campbell, "the father of Jamaican poetry", who died last week in Brooklyn:

"George Campbell had neither education nor wit; neither urbanity nor the liberating power of Imagination. His only asset as a poet was his soul. And as it turned out, it was not inexhaustible."

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