Thursday, November 14, 2002

Tim Hector, Antiguan writer, political activist, former senator & editor of Outlet, died on Tuesday morning after a long struggle with heart disease, barely two weeks short of his sixtieth birthday. The Antigua Sun obituary quotes Rickey Singh, among many others:

"His most strident detractors will have to pay homage to a man who had devoted his adult life to promote a West Indian consciousness from which a young generation of West Indians continue to benefit.

"He has paid the price for it through name calling, vilification, banning from one territory to another.... Hector was and has always been a dedicated West Indian patriot committed to economic and political union, a position from which he never deviated. His voice will be missed whether it is in cricket, culture or politics."

The Jamaica Observer also runs a short obituary.

I knew Hector only through his "Fan the Flames" column, occasionally carried by the T&T Review, but lately had been meaning to track down his email address & write him a short note. A few months ago he reprinted one of my book reviews in a column on C.L.R. James, with some gentle commentary. I wanted in the first place to thank him, but also to find out more about his relationship with James. I regret I missed my chance to get to know, however slightly & briefly, this vital, controversial man.

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