Monday, January 06, 2003

My question to all those who believe in liberty and the rights of the individual and all things beautiful: would you really fight for them? Would you be willing to put your life and perhaps the lives of your loved ones at risk and do so without any guarantee of success? Would you be ready to shed your blood in the name of liberty without knowing whether you are making history or just adding to the list of nameless victims of the tyranny? Would you be able to remain certain that you are right and that everybody else is wrong when the only world you know is the one where they are right? Because those are the choices you have before you, not one of clarity and moral certitude, supported by intellectual arguments and discourse.

Oil, weapons of mass destruction, regional security, are considerations of varying weight & significance, but put them aside for a moment. Gabriel Syme, writing in Samizdata, forcefully states the single morally compelling argument for military action against Iraq.

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