Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I imagine that in another time Kevin Baldeosingh would have been burnt at the stake, Denis Solomon would simply have been slowly broken on the rack, while Colin Laird would have been made to drink the hemlock. Heaven only knows what the Catholic Church might have done to Tony Pantin, or B.C. (a special auto-da-fé?) five hundred years ago, but Daniel Teelucksingh and Eric St. Cyr would simply have been crucified. Raffique Shah would have faced a musket firing squad.

— An entertaining new parlour game called "Kill the Columnist"? No: Julian Kenny arguing the evil of state killing — a.k.a. capital punishment — in his column in today's Express.

And with Kenny's bold sentences still ringing in my ears, I say: Ishmael Samad for president.

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