Monday, January 06, 2003

And from the letters page of today's Stabroek News (no link, because Stabroek has no permanent online archive):

Caricom leaders should press for a free Cuba

Dear Editor,
... democratic rights and freedoms are important, not only to Guyanese, but to those unfortunate people of Cuba and to every nation on earth. We must not forget that we in Guyana were unable to begin our own journey towards the restoration of democracy without the help of other governments. We are grateful to those who assisted us in overturning the tide of rigged elections here in Guyana, and look forward to their continued support as we work to build a democratic society....

Until Caricom leaders such as President Jagdeo and others are willing to hear the cries of the Cuban people who continue to risk their lives rafting miles of open ocean in search of freedom, Cuba is destined to remain the only dictatorship in this hemisphere.

Caricom leaders who value democracy in their own countries, must place equal value on democracy in Cuba....

Yours faithfully,
Max Mohamed
United Republican Party

I've had a half-written post on Cuba languishing on my desktop for a fortnight now. I promise it won't stay there much longer.

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