Wednesday, January 15, 2003

In his column in today's Express, Denis Solomon says the T&T presidency is an absurdity, then offers this rule of thumb:

For anybody confused about the election of a President, I recommend a simple exercise: don't bother about how or when the election takes place, but simply ask yourself "Would I take the job if it were offered to me, and if so, why?"

Well, yes, I would (were I not disqualified by age; I'm eight years too young). I'd immediately refresh the senate by appointing nine outspoken troublemakers to the independent bench; frustrate & delay, to the full extent of the law, any government decisions requiring my theoretical approval that I happen to disagree with; & generally defy convention by saying what I really think about the venality & idiocy of our politicians, loudly & frequently. No doubt I'd earn myself the honour of being the first president of Trinidad & Tobago to be removed from office by the combined members of the two houses of parliament (the breakdown should be 58-9; I'd expect my independent troublemakers to vote against the motion).

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