Friday, January 17, 2003

Last week & this week B.C. Pires has been thinking about life & death & the strange, inapprehensible zone where they meet (the link is good only till next Friday; the Guardian has no permanent archive):

As surely as you read this sentence, your days are numbered.... we are here and we are gone.

Understand that and you have no choice but to live as best you can — because you can't be sure you have a single moment more coming when you check out.

Jonathan reads B.C. & thinks about what this mess of being human means:

Life could not have meaning if it weren't so. And at times like this we are made more aware of that fact, and come to a sharper understanding of what life, and our humanness means. Ultimately, whatever truths we may uncover, or realisations we come to, we must engage one inescapable fact: we are here, then we are not; what, if anything happens after that we do not know.

I read B.C. & think that what he says today in nine hundred words, Philip Larkin once said in forty-eight.

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