Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Through the Looking-Glass

I'm sitting at my desk, frowning at my laptop screen, trying to write a particularly tricky email.

K--- sticks his head round the door.

"You heard Ato Boldon is a UNC senator? They swore him in today."

I laugh. How do these ridiculous rumours get started, I ask myself.

I pick up the phone. I call A---.

"Erm--have you been looking at the TV this afternoon, heard any news?"

"You mean about Ato Boldon being appointed a UNC senator? It's the funniest thing I've heard in weeks."

"You mean it's true?"

"It was on the radio. And Roger Boynes congratulated him."

My first thought: I need to go home and go to bed.

My second thought: No, I have to sit by the phone. They might be calling to ask me to be a senator next, the rate this thing going.

(Of course is Jack set the whole thing up.)

1 comment:

Dylan said...

Now thats crazy, and no i dont mean you going home to bed in the middle of the day.