Saturday, February 11, 2006

B.C. Pires: "A lot of these people here are demonstrating against the Prime Minister, but I am demonstrating for the Prime Minister because I think he doesn't have enough room. I mean, there is still a security threat and I find he should incorporate Coblentz Avenue as well, then take the Hilton so he will have more room for when guests come.

"He should take the Savannah, because then he can have a heliport. He should take part of Maraval because he could then go up to Paramin.

"I think he should take over all of Trinidad and call it Patrick Manning and Tobago."

(What--he don't deserve Tobago too? And what about carving the visage of the Father of the Nation into Lady Chancellor Hill, a hundred feet tall or so, with six-foot dimples and searchlights set into the eyes--so we'll know he's always looking down on us?)


Jonathan said...

Hey, I live on Lady Chancellor Hill. That's the last thing we need.

Anonymous said...

How about simply carving same into the visage of the individual?