Friday, February 10, 2006

Keith Smith: Has the Manning administration become so smug in the face of protracted UNC disunity and present and projected petroleum revenues that it now believes it can do any damned thing?

NL: Yes, it has.

3Canal: "Doomsday reach, better find your retreat / 'cause the children coming to take back the street."

(Faster, Lord, faster.)


Taran said...

Err... not for nothing, but UNC disunity has been made more visible (and therefore, politically important) because of the smugness of the present administration.

Some dictators grasp power through revolution, some get democratically elected. Trinidad and Tobago is no different than any other country in that regard.

Mark said...

UNC disunity needs no help for visibility by the smugness of the present administration. It is of its own doing and is palpable through the arrogance and bitterness of Mr. Panday and the culture of the caste system that surrounds it.