Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Online reaction to T&T's victory over Bahrain:

Taran Rampersad didn't watch the match & didn't expect T&T to win, but he's pleased.

Ryan Naraine, who was following my live coverage, is surprised by how nervous he was.

Georgia was broadcasting the match to three listeners via Skype.

Also: a report on celebrations in London:

Hundreds of ex-pats travelled from all over the UK to watch the match unfold live on TV in The Famous 3 Kings pub in West Kensington along with many tourists from Trinidad.

They had to endure a nail-biting SIX minutes of injury time before the Caribbean Carnival-style celebrations could begin.

Many fans spilled out on to the street outside at the final whistle waving their red, white and black T&T flags and passing motorists joined in the impromptu fun, blaring their horns as the unlikely celebrations kicked in to gear.

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