Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Not watching this match either, Part 5

"It's probably more exciting on radio," says Georgia on the phone. "They're just running around."

"The longer this game stays goal-less, it means T&T will not qualify. They need a goal," says the radio announcer.

The Jamaica Observer has a reporter in Manama--he files this report on "the Soca Warriors' last stand":

A 0-0 scoreline will see the Bahrainis through, a 1-1 draw would force the match into extra time, but a 2-2 result would see Trinidad through, which would have added another place to CONCACAF in Germany next year.

But that's a long way away and the tension here his high from both camps, as they look towards what must be the greatest moment in the lives of these athletes.

Radio station has broken for an ad!

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