Saturday, December 21, 2002

A High Court judge in Guyana has ordered the temporary reversal of the broadcast suspension of the NBTV & CNS TV stations. Prime minister Samuel Hinds & the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting must now show cause for the suspension, & the two stations are back on the air. (Read the Chronicle report here; the Stabroek News gives a fuller account, but has no online archive.) In response, Hinds has issued a statement promising vigourous pusuit of the case, "since he is convinced that the curtailment and abolition of racism and incitement to crime, public disorder and violence would be served by greater responsibility shown by television stations."

He neglected to add that democracy in Guyana is served by a free press.

Apparently by coincidence, Chandra Sharma, owner of CNS, was injured yesterday when he was hit by a car outside his station.

I still can't dig up any information on what exactly the two stations broadcast that could be considered "incitement to public disorder".

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