Friday, December 20, 2002

Guyanese prime minister Samuel Hinds, acting on the advice of Guyana's Advisory Committee on Broadcasting, has ordered two TV stations, CNS Channel 6 & NBTV Channel 9, to suspend broadcasting for 48 hours, reports the Chronicle. The ACB says both stations violated "condition (a) of Appendix A" of their licences, which prohibits broadcasts "likely to incite to crime and to lead to public disorder".

The Stabroek News report is rather more informative (no link, because Stabroek has no online archive); it notes an angry response from the Guyana Press Association, which has issued a statement condemning the suspension as "unprecedented in the world and in the history of broadcasting when no national emergency exists". I can't find any details of the actual programmes that provoked the ACB's response.

(AP has also picked up the story.)

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