Friday, October 18, 2002

"If God created us, She would have done a better job. At the very least, God would have given us eternal life, instead of the three score and ten most of us get.

"The Disney Corporation has swung a longer life for Mickey Mouse through the extension of copyright periods than God has supposedly given us.

"It’s a harsh but accurate reflection of our reality that Mickey Mouse looks to be more likely to gain everlasting life than the Pope."

—B.C. Pires, in his column in today's Trinidad Guardian, writing about man's great existential fear (not just death, but what death implies: our insignificance to the universe); about the existence of God (what Frederick Copleston called the fundamental metaphysical question); & the path to the possible divine offered by music (in this case, specifically, the music of jointpop).

(I've had to remove the link to the actual webpage, because the Guardian has no permanent online archive.)

(B.C., if God doesn't exist, then who're you thanking for Friday?)

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