Sunday, September 25, 2005

Today's Stabroek News publishes an abbreviated version of the review of Denis Williams's Prehistoric Guiana that I wrote for the August Caribbean Review of Books--unfortunately without a note explaining its original appearance in the CRB. As far as I can make out, mine is the first review of the book to be published anywhere. I must admit I'm keen to see how (if?) Guyana's archaeological & anthropological establishment respond to this non-expert's take on Williams's opus.

Also in today's Stabroek: Al Creighton on Edward Baugh; & an article on the plan to have Georgetown placed on UNESCO's World Heritage list, including a list of the eleven main sites around the city chosen for preservation (the twelfth, Sacred Heart Church, burned down last December and the Catholic archdiocese hasn't decided what to rebuild on the spot--the parish wants to reconstruct the church in concrete, the archbishop says that's pointless).

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