Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Fable about Time

One summer day I wanted to check out something. So I put on my heaviest coat and went outside and stood among my neighbors. The day was very hot and soon I was sweating lava. all the while, I asked everyone who was near me, "What time is it?"

They answered either that they did not know, or they gave me an approximation, or those who had watches told me the hour.

No one told me that it was the wrong time for a heavy coat.

On the next hot day I checked out in a higher socio-economic neighborhood. It was said that the people there were better educated. They had more culture. So I went and stood making sweat where they had to pass. Again I asked what time it was.

Not one of them answered me. They crossed to the other side!

MORAL: Any Time Is Better Than No Time At All.

--Kelvin Christopher James

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