Monday, April 14, 2003

Well, the T&T press--or, at least, two journalists at the Guardian, Laura Dowrich & Mark Lyndersay--have finally caught on to the blogging phenomenon. They separately contacted me within the last fortnight or so, & after initially attempting to stonewall them both, I agreed to be "interviewed" (that sounds almost glam, but I did no more than talk to Dowrich a few times on the phone & answer an email questionnare sent me by Lyndersay). I haven't bothered to figure out why I was the blogger they chose to contact (oh, maybe that's it), & I did attempt to deflect their attention by referring them to Damien & Jonathan, but nonetheless there I am in the Guardian's lead feature today--or at any rate there is someone claiming to be NL, nattering on in an unfamiliar idiolect:

Keeping a blog can be a time-consuming process, as some local bloggers discovered. Nicholas Laughlin, 27, started blogging last October, but gave it up because the demands on his time was too much.

"I realised I spent much too much time online. My Internet usage was high. I said I am too busy for this, it wasn't worth the investment," he said.

His site ( was Caribbean in perspective and centred on Laughlin's interests in literature and art....

Laughlin began blogging after reading an article on blogging software which promised that he, too, could be a blogger in three minutes.

(At least this supposed NL accurately remembers his age, something I don't always manage.)

I've decided to take the whole thing as a kind of practical lesson in the dangers of publicity, & the alarming reductiveness of the soundbite. I've been interviewed by a newspaper just once before, I think (no link--this was in the pre-WWW era); & then as now I was astonished that what had seemed a fluent, amusing, enlightening conversation could be converted by the process of transcription & a sub-editor's attentions into a handful of dud phrases lying lifeless on the page, like stones for the stubbing of readers' toes.

And I still have Mark Lyndersay's Bit Depth column to look forward to tomorrow....

The real issue, of course, is whether mentions in two Guardian articles will mean a spike in my visitor stats.

Not yet.

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