Sunday, March 15, 2009

A week in the life: 8 to 14 March, 2009

Read: The first half of Marlon James's new novel, The Book of Night Women; lots of random stuff online

Wrote: emails

Listened: to Horace Andy and Bob Marley; and a bit of Ella Fitzgerald

Swam: at Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay

Hiked: up an old donkey trail from Top Jack into the southern foothills of the Blue Mountains

Flew: back home from Jamaica. My brother was co-pilot of the Caribbean Airlines flight--the first time he's flown me since a jaunt to Tobago in a four-seater 'plane nine years ago

Acquired: a copy of the very first issue of Savacou; a bottle of Busha Browne's planter's sauce

Ate: masala dosa at Pushpa's, with Annie; a whole wheat ackee patty (aka a "yattie")

Drank: Twyman Estate peaberry coffee; a mojito

Gave: Georgia her Christmas present, at last

Caught up with: Roxanne and Nicolas, friends visiting from New York

Felt: great affection for Jamaica

Worried: about all the work piled up on my desk, especially CRB business

Regretted: that I haven't been blogging the last couple of months

Plotted: a trip to Suriname and French Guiana next month

Other significant events: 2009 Commonwealth Writers' Prize Caribbean/Canada regional awards announcement ceremony on Wednesday night

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