Tuesday, June 13, 2006


BBC announcer, live from Berlin, Saturday afternoon:
"We had a sweepstakes for the match, and I put my money on five goals for Sweden. Clearly I lost."

TV6 announcer, live from Port of Spain, ditto, turning to his co-announcer:
"So what do you think about that victory--I mean draw?"

Friend in Oxford, poet and scholar, via email, Saturday night:
"!!!*i* *want* *a* *shaka* *hislop* *t-shirt*!!!"

And my 1989 Strike Squad jersey has turned up. My brother borrowed it on Saturday. It's mine on Thursday.


Karel Mc Intosh said...

Gooooaaaaalllll Soca Warriors! Oh my goodness, Thursday go be commess in d place, as we Trinis like to say. Saturday's performance has really psyched up people. One of my friends even went into a reverie, "imagine if T&T win d World Cup". Lol. Yes we're up against the giants on Thursday, but the Soca Warriors really have people hopeful that we can pull off a David against, England, the Goliath. I'll be draped in my large T&T flag. Goaaal Warriors :)

Anonymous said...

The Irish are with you tomorrow...good luck!!

Check the link from Dublin radio.

Come on the Socca Bhoys!!!


High Power Rocketry said...

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Pat said...

As a Brit may I say you kept us under till almost the end. Well done!

. said...


Mad Bull said...

I heard some rumour that one of your World Cup goalies has died in a car accident. Its not true, is it? I hope not!

Anonymous said...

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