Thursday, March 02, 2006

nicholas at the savannah

I interrupt my Carnival week blogging break to post this self-portrait, taken on Carnival Tuesday morning around eight o'clock, as Peter Minshall's band The Sacred Heart was assembling in the Savannah opposite QRC. I didn't snap many photos that day, but there are a handful in this Flickr set; see also Georgia's photos here (including shots of me in full "Heart That Sings" regalia and again on Park Street just past the Victoria Square stage)--and this shot of an innocent blogger being assaulted by two jamettes outside Lapeyrouse Cemetery on Monday.

Now that the Carnival madness is past, I'm scrambling to meet deadlines and see some colleagues at the 25th anniversary West Indian Literature Conference, which opens at UWI tonight--while nursing still-sore joints and trying to catch up on sleep. Some sort of blog report on the events of Carnival weekend will appear here eventually. Meanwhile, here's a roundup of Carnival season blog coverage that I compiled for Global Voices last Friday.

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Anonymous said...

The term "innocent blogger" is an oxymoron. If a blogger is assaulted by jamettes, chances are he was doing something to provoke this.