Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not blogging

Georgia has been up in London discussing how blogging can save the world, & hanging out with her Global Voices regional editor, David "Oso" Sasaki. Taran has been in the Dominican Republic talking tech. Jonathan has been thinking about Winston Dookeran, Ryan has as usual been thinking about cricket. And I, after all the recent football excitement, have maintained blog silence for more than a fortnight.

After all, I had a magazine to put to bed at the end of November, & then was travelling for a week or so--headed north, saw some old friends, renewed an old acquaintance, met & interviewed A.J. Seymour's daughter & niece in Brooklyn, transacted some other business, & picked up the shiny new 12-inch PowerBook with which I'm writing this (the old iBook gently put out to pasture for the time being--pasture being the bookcase next to my desk at home, where it balances delicately atop a row of Jane Austens). So offline obligations & activities have occupied time that might otherwise have been spent whistling into the ether.... As I imagine they'll continue to do through the end of the year, as I try to knock off a couple of biggish writing assignments, get back to "Imaginary Roads", & survive the "holiday" season.

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