Sunday, November 13, 2005

The morning after

"LET-DOWN" screams the front page of the Guardian. "Warriors held" says the rather milder Express, which also runs B.C. Pires's interview with Gary Hector, jointpop frontman & T&T football fanatic:

Why covered stands as opposed to grounds?

Sometimes it lacks a bit of passion but the view is good. I always sit on the half-line, as high as possible. You get to see the full spread of the field, more of the tactical plays and so on. Sometimes you miss the little old talk the uncovered will give you; but when it comes to a Trinidad & Tobago football match, you just want to pay attention.

Also this morning Georgia releases the long-awaited Caribbean Free Radio podcast #35, recorded last night around the time of the match, including some "babbling about football".

And Taran Rampersad reports on the atmosphere in south Trinidad yesterday:

San Fernando was abuzz with excitement. One cousin that I know of was trying to get tickets at Skinner Park, and he gave up on Friday. There were lots of people wearing the national colo(u)rs yesterday - red, black and white - and it was good to see the country pulling for something positive. Had Trinidad and Tobago won or lost - and in this case, drew - it would be good to see the momentum of the national spirit drifting into other aspects of Trinidad and Tobago.

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